If you’re anything like me, you want to be a health coach (not a copywriter).

I used to be a professional copywriter. I wrote film advertisements, newspaper ads, radio spots and TV commercials. I eventually gave up the work to do something that I felt would be more relevant and meaningful to me.

Through personal health struggles, I discovered Health Coaching.

Helping women improve their quality of life is my passion.

But I quickly realized I could use my superpower to empower other Coaches

and increase my impact.

To build a successful business, writing content is a


And this is where many solopreneurs struggle the most.

Do you have the time, skills or interest for all of this writing?

I do. I can help you.

You empowered me. I have a ton of ideas now when before I had exactly zero.
— Allison Robertson, AR Health Coaching

If you’re struggling to find the words to write your offerings, your story or your emails,

I want to help YOU.

More consistency means more exposure. More exposure means more impact.

More impact means more profit.

Sound good?

Here’s how I can help:

*COPY COACHING (You write, I guide.)*

fast track your business with COPY coaching.

You’ll be amazed at the transformative results you’ll get by having ME as your guide-on-the-side to:

  • Bounce copy ideas off of

  • Investigate why your landing page isn’t converting

  • Review your email sequence for clarity and voice

  • Grab your freebie and let you know why I might actually NOT grab it

  • Graze your ABOUT page and help you make it more engaging and action-inspiring

*COPYWRITING (I write it for you.)*

Are you sick of struggling with the emails, landing pages, sales pages, OMG?!

I can write for you.

Rereading my edited emails from Marnee had me laughing out loud. If I were a potential customer, NOW I would be tempted! I can’t wait to put my sequence to use!
— Jenny Eakes (Beat the Bloat)

WHY hire me to write for you?

  • I can write in your voice (it’s one of my superpowers)

  • It’ll be collaborative, but I’ll do the heavy lifting

  • You can do it yourself, but you’d rather do ANYTHING else

WHAT people usually hire me to write:

  • ABOUT page

  • Blog posts

  • Email sequences

  • Landing or sales pages

Let’s have a quick - no B.S. or cost - chat and decide what works best for you.

Because of her background and experience in both copywriting and health coaching, I felt she’d know where I was coming from and how I wanted to communicate with my future clients. I really enjoyed working with her! She’s patient, thoughtful and really helped me get from an almost blank slate to something I am really proud of today.
— Karen Schatz Croll - Wellness Garden Coach
Marnee has a true gift and talent to inspire people to come up with original copy that speaks directly to your target market. I feel completely empowered to use the techniques she taught me in everything going forward.
— Allison Robertson, AR Health Coaching

I’m your best solution.

Through my own health struggles, I became a Health Coach (and still am). I earned my certification from IIN in March of 2018 after attempting to leave my past career as a Copywriter.

It didn’t take long for me to notice what many colleagues were struggling to find the right words for their marketing materials.

After doing anything in my power to avoid this role, I realized it’s what I do best.

And, to my surprise, I’m LOVING it.

If I can help you get over this mountain,

how many more people will you be able to help?

What is Copywriting, anyway?

Copywriting is the language you use to communicate with your potential clients. Ideally, it’s simple and straightforward. It sounds just like YOU when you talk. It’s authentic. It’s one very important way to demonstrate who you are to your clients. It matters. A lot.

...what seemed impossible suddenly seemed super easy. I am very pleased and happy with Marnee’s service!
— Cathy Jones, Wildflower Wellness

unrelated (but fun) facts

  • I wrote the tagline for the Will Smith movie, Hitch… “The Cure for the Common Man” and won an award.

  • When I eat cilantro, it tastes like soap. (It’s a thing! Google it.)

  • I used to be able to correctly guess numbers on the roulette wheel in Las Vegas. My bank account appreciated it. (But my family thought I was some kind of witch.)

  • I once decided to move to Manhattan after spending a weekend there during Pride. I lasted 11 years, but the winters were ultimately too shocking for this California native.

  • I have a master’s degree in Jewish Education. My senior thesis curriculum was called Torah Trailers: Previews from the past. I had kids creating movie posters and trailers based on stories in the Torah.

  • People tell me I have a calming effect. I used to think that was code for “You’re boring.”

  • My headshot was once on the cover of a section of the New York Times. In color. On a Sunday. (Don’t Google this.)

  • As Sr. Copywriter at Time Warner Cable in New York, I helped create an evil character named Sir Charge. He took money from Verizon customers (as in, “surcharges”). I think Verizon tried to sue us.

  • You wouldn’t know this by looking at me, but I have one less rib than most people.

Tough love

Look, you can either write the copy yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

But you cannot afford to skip this step.

If you’ve got a website, you’re gonna need copy.

If you’re building an online business, you need to write emails.

It’s that simple.

Nailed it! How did you capture a who I am from just the 30 minutes we talked? You are amazing. Thank you so very much. I love it.
— Lisa Fahey
Who said that wishes would be heard and answered when wished on a morningstar? Someone thought of that and someone believed it.
Look what it’s done so far.
— Kermit the Frog (The Rainbow Connection by Paul Williams)